Technical Advice

Survey and Technical Evaluation

J-Tech Corporation can evaluate product performance and quality according to customers’ specific technical requirements; we specialise  in fluid transfer in the petrochemical and LNG industries, in particular:

  • Inspection of foundry and forging plants
  • Vendor, sub-vendor and supplier evaluation
  • Valve manufacturers and products
  • Including cryogenic applications

Inspection Services

J-Tech specialists conduct inspection services according to international standards or client-specific requests. We can inspect any type of mechanical equipment including:

  • Piping and valves: high pressure, high temperature and cryogenic service valve, fitting and pipe
  • Pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pumps, compressors, turbines and other rotating machinery
  • Boilers, furnaces and water treatment facilities
  • Strumentation and control valves
  • Electrical (and electronic) equipment

Training and Education

J-Tech tailors on-the job and off-site training and education packages based on the client's precise requirements. Our fields of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Foundry work and casting process
  • Forging and other bulk metal forming methods
  • Material science and metallurgy
  • Welding technology
  • Quality control and quality assurance